It’s a little more red this time!

Yesterday was weigh in day and the start of the sixth eight-week session at the Truly Committed to Weight Loss group, I’m down 0.7lbs; my measurements are also down for the most part. So, even though I’m starting session 6 heavier than session 5 I’m happy. I gained weight when I was off sick for 2 1/2 months but I’m back to full hours at work and the numbers are going down again.

This morning I picked up all my garment quantity yarns from around the living room and put them together in a plastic bin. Now when I’m ready to start crocheting or knitting another garment it’s all in one spot. Then I cleared out a basket and brought it up to my bedroom to use as a laundry basket for my wool socks. Now my dirty socks aren’t in a pile on the chair or floor!

A few weeks ago I purchased a hair dye kit in the usual colour. This is the closest to my “natural” (pre-grey/white) hair colour. While grabbing things to take to Mom’s I thought I’d bring it and ask her to dye my hair. It’s too long and my shoulders too sore to comfortably do it on my own. I couldn’t find the box. So when we stopped at the drug store I went over and looked at the dye section. They don’t carry my brand. I decided to try another. Then I decided to go more red for a change. After we finished the dyeing, my mother said “It looks a little more red this time.”

My hair colour is naturally a golden blonde with red undertones. It was strawberry blonde when I was really little but darkened to golden blonde. Then it started going white at the temples. It is now slightly darker than carrot-red!!! I forgot how well my hair turns red! My 13-year old niece upon noticing said she likes this better. I’m not sure yet. I definitely got my change!

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