Playing Catch Up


I had a list of things to do tonight but that all fell to the wayside when I received a phone call. My sister was bringing Rhiannon to emerg. Could I watch JJ while she kept an eye on Jayven? Of course I said yes! She’d pick me up on their way. I found out when I was picked up that Mackenziekept the g-nephew at home. She offered to watch the two little ones but Joy knew that wouldn’t work. So Mackenzie kept Jayven and I went to emerg. JJ was very good. He got a little restless but my iPhone and iPad kept him busy for the 3 1/2 hours we were there. We did take a little walk to Health Records to visit Grandma but otherwise he was pretty engrossed in the kid games I keep for him. To the point that when my brother came in to work JJ barely took the time to greet him.
Rhiannon’s ok. They’re not sure why her white blood count is high but the chest X-rays ruled out pneumonia. She probably has a viral infection. We’re keeping an eye on her and will bring her back if needed.
We’re a hospital family. The majority of my adult family members work at the hospital. I work in Health Records, so does Mum although she’s transferring to the Operating Room in the new year. My brother is a ward clerk, rotating through the emerg and two inpatient wards and my sister-in-law works in the Laboratory. I found out afterwards I was the only one not working last night.


Only three coworkers noticed and commented on my hair!

I had my performance appraisal today. I was harder on myself than my boss! Every competency and criteria were given either exceeds expectation or meets expectation.
It was a painful morning. I had to take additional pain medication at lunch as my right shoulder and arm were burning. I stopped to do stretching exercises at 10am and 12:45pm. 
When I was at Canadian Tire a week ago they had a fundraiser going on. If you donated $2 you got a reusable bag in your choice of two sizes. The small one is the perfect size for a small project so it’s now holding a dishcloth in my desk at work.
I’m still knitting on Christmas gifts and finding lots of projects to knit afterwards. I’m almost done an ornament and a hat. I have another hat on the needles and plan on casting another one on another one soon.

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