WIPs On Parade, Part 1

I start my vacation today! I’m off until Dec. 27th. I’m not going anywhere but I’m looking forward to the time off. Maybe I can finish my Christmas crocheting and knitting! I will miss the cardio I get walking to and from work but if the warm spell holds I’ll probably walk the dog more. Or shovel the driveway! I wish warm spells didn’t bring snow!

Today was my department’s Christmas lunch and gift exchange. I came in for it. This year we drew names for the first time. We usually do a white elephant exchange. I pulled my boss’s name. I usually crochet something as part of my gift but I didn’t have the time this year.
I have been purging this week. I deleted a few patterns from my queue. I also added some! I unsubscribed from four podcasts and only added one! I am working on my Ravelry account again. Here’s my stats at my start today:
Queue 2245
Favourites 581
Groups 104
Today I joined a read-a-long of Henry David Thoreau’s Walden. I listened to the Librivox recording of Chapter 1 parts 1 and 2 while I spent an hour this afternoon cleaning up part of the area I craft in. I put all my works in progress into a laundry basket. I filled that basket and I’m afraid there may still be more! 

I dumped them upon my bed then counted as I placed them back into the basket.

There are twenty-seven!!!! I had no idea I had that many things on the hooks and needles! They are in varying stages of work. Some just need the ends woven in; there’s a cardigan that I think just needs seaming. Once I find the fronts! That was pre-project bags for me and I’ve only found the pattern, sleeves and back so far. Once I’m done the Christmas gifts I’ll tackle those that just need the ends woven in.

Here are some I’m currently working on:

This is a hat for Stephanie. it’s an improvised pattern. Basically I crocheted two beanies which I’m knitting together with a ribbing brim. It’s reversible-one side pink camouflage the other hunter orange with the ribbing in camo. It needs about another inch of ribbing.

This is a toque for Michael. It’s my first all ribbing hat. It’s also an improvised pattern.

These are for JJ. I crocheted a hat and matching cowl. As I worked on the cowl I learned to knit. I decided to add knitted ribbing so the cowl will hug his neck and face. They just need the ends woven in.

This is the beginning of a dishcloth. It will go to Mum, Joy or Stephanie or if I don’t get at least three done to me!
Mira and I took a walk to the mailbox earlier this evening. No packages today, just the latest issue of Canadian Living magazine. It was nice walking through the snow!
Tonight I worked a few rows on the dishcloth and finished the ribbing on Stephanie’s hat. I just started on the cast-off. I’ll finish that tomorrow.

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