WIPs On Parade, Part 2


It’s weigh in day! I gained again. I’m back up 1lb. I’m not worried about it. It’s just one pound and it’s Christmas time. I’ll get back into the swing of things after the holidays.

Here’s a Ravelry status report from Thursday morning. I’m going to work on my queue some more this weekend. There’s just so many beautiful patterns! Now that I know how to knit too I want to make everything!

Queue 2253
Favourites 581
Groups 93 

I worked on my Kobo last night:

Onboard memory used 869 mb
Micro SD card used 576 mb

Onboard memory 868 mb
Micro SD card 365 mb

Still lots of room for improvement! But great considering how small most books are; most are under 1 mb!

I finished the hat for my sister-in-law. But, the ribbing is too tight. There’s no way it will fit over her head. I need to rip out all the ribbing and pick up twice as many stitches as I did this time. It looked tight but I kept going anyway. I should have stopped when I first noticed! It’s in the naughty pile right now.

Michael’s hat has grown a few inches. It’s 5 3/4″ now.

WIPs on Parade

This hat is for my brother. It’s a match to my sister-in-law’s Christmas gift. It was supposed to be his Christmas gift but it won’t be ready in time so instead it’ll be his birthday gift.

This is the first sock in a pair I’m making for my sister-in-law’s birthday gift. It still needs it’s afterthought heel. 

This is a lace-weight shawl I started crocheting this summer. I put it down to start Christmas gifts.

This was an attempt to improvise a stocking ornament. It’s getting ripped back later. I need to follow a pattern.

This was supposed to be a present for my nephew last Christmas. It didn’t fit. I’m glad I had him try it on before starting the other sock! It’s getting ripped out.

This is a Babette blanket I’m crocheting with sock yarn scraps. I need a lot more squares. I’ve made two other blankets with this pattern but always in worsted weight.

This is a headband. It just needs the ends woven in.

This is my Ease Tank. It’s my first knitted garment. I put it aside to work on Christmas gifts.

This was attempt number two at an ornament. I decided sock weight would take to long for this Christmas.

This yarn was a garage sale purchase. It didn’t have enough stretch to crochet a sock.  It’ll be ripped out.

This is a crocheted cowl. I was running out of yarn and put it aside to wait for more yarn. I forgot to buy more next time I was in Walmart. It’s been months. I need to decide if I’m going to rip it out or just keep going and finish it when I run out of yarn.

This is the start of a hat. It will be ripped out. I discovered the first one I made with one skein of this yarn was too short.

This is going to be ripped out. I didn’t like the way it was pooling. I tried different stitches but didn’t like any of them. I may try knitting one or I’ll give the yarn away.

This was a sample for a coworker to try on her chair legs. It fit but I couldn’t make them after my surgery last year. I should see if she still wants them.

This is Gypsy checking out some more chair socks I was working on before my surgery. I couldn’t finish these either. I need to see if this coworker still wants me to finish.

This will be ripped out. I didn’t like the stitch pattern.


I’m at my sister’s this weekend watching my youngest nephew and supervising my nieces and great-nephew while my sister is away. JJ is asleep for the night. I hope!!
I finished knitting Michael’s Christmas hat and cast on Jayven’s. Then JJ helped me knit and pulled out a dpn. I tried to catch the stitches but then it looked twisted. I’ll fix it tomorrow. It’s not bright enough to fix navy yarn tonight.
I was on my way out the door heading to the post office this morning when I got a phone call from my mother. She had just been told my great-uncle passed away late last night. Uncle Archie was my grandfather’s youngest sibling. After my grandfather’s death 30 years ago, Uncle Archie became the patriarch of that side of the family. He and Aunt Juliette became almost surrogate grandparents to me. They didn’t replace Grandma and Grandpa but they slid into their role. Yesterday he lost his battle with cancer.
Rest in peace, Archille Gilbert Joseph Rancourt, July 17, 1928-December 20, 2013. You will be greatly missed.

My apologies to my swap partners. Your packages did not get out today. I’ll send them out Monday.

Au reviour, m’oncle. Je t’aime.

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