I hope everyone had a great holiday! I enjoyed my time off but it went by so fast. I’m back to work today.
My Christmas was good.  The family all got together for Christmas dinner at Mom’s. My sister-in-law and brother both worked Christmas day. They both came after work.
I was able to finish Christmas knitting for 3 people. I gave my brother socks I had asked Mom to knit. When I received the yarn I immediately thought the colours were perfect for my brother. I wasn’t knitting at the time so I asked Mom to knit them for me to give him. I’ll finish his hat in time for his birthday in January. I showed my sister-in-law the hat I was making for her and explained what had happened. I had already ripped out the ribbing, picked up double the stitches and started rye knitting the ribbing. I hope to have it finished for New Year’s Day.
I went over my calorie allowance by quite a bit Christmas day. I was very inconsistent with my water intake the entire time I was off. I’m pretty sure I’ve gained again. My clothes are feeling tight and I’m feeling awkward. I feel sluggish. I know part of it is the fibro but part of it is my eating and exercising the past few months.
I was right! I gained another pound this past week.
Jayven’s birthday party was great! I don’t remember seeing that many people in Mom’s house in years. It’s hard to believe that little guy is a year old already! 
Between party prep, the party and cleanup, I didn’t get as many steps as I’d have liked. I went over my calories a little too. 
I’m hibernating today. I caught JJ’s cold while babysitting last weekend. I’ve been fighting it all week but today I crashed. I slept in really late and stayed in my pj’s all day. I’m back in bed now with plans to go to sleep early. We’ve still got staff on vacation so I can’t call in sick tomorrow. I’ll be lucky to hit 1000 steps by midnight.

But, I did finish an ebook today. It puts me at 72 books read this year. I’d hoped to read more this year and may still finish one more in the next two days.

I also joined a knit-a-long (KAL). I started Wheat, a scarf by Tin Can Knits from their Simple Collection. The Beginners Knit-A-Long group on Ravelry is having a KAL for the entire collection. I’m two inches into the 60″ scarf.

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