New Year’s Eve

I’m still feeling sick. I’ve been nauseous and dizzy most of the day and I can’t get or stay warm. But I still managed to go to work, play with my nephew, take a ride with my mother and knit on two projects. I’ll tell you about the projects tomorrow.
Here are my goals for 2014:
My Health
What I can do physically is less in my control than what I put in my mouth so while I intend to work on both my focus will be my eating habits.
Stop drinking soda pop.
Eat balanced meals with 50% vegetables, 25% carbohydrate & 25% protein for lunch and dinner.
Sleep at least 7.5 hours per night.
Do 30 minutes of cardio per day at least five days per week.
Do 15 minutes of strength training per day at least three days per week.
My FibreCrafts
Crochet and knitting relieve stress, maintain mobility and is productive as well as relaxing.
Learn to knit socks.
Learn to knit cables.
Learn to knit colour-work.
Learn to knit lace.
Always have a sock on the hook or needles.
Knit 6 garments for me.
Knit 4 shawls/shawlettes.
Start Christmas presents in January!!!
Start birthday presents in January!
Participate in at least 12 CAL/KALs
Participate in swaps and start swap gifts in January.
My Reading
Read or listen to seventy-five books.
I know it’s a long list but it covers a large part of my life and I think it’s attainable. Besides learning new things is exercise for your brain!

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