Hi Ho Hi Ho

Hi Ho Hi Ho, it’s back to work…I went!

After four weeks of vacation it was very difficult to get up at 6:30 and be at work (and functioning!) for 8:00 this morning!

And I only forgot one password! I had to call IT to reset my password for one system. If it didn’t lock out attempts usually after five tries I would have kept trying for a few more minutes. But it’s like I told AnaMaria, “I thought it was better to give up and call before I got locked out!”

Working all those hours did cut dramatically into my knitting time. Someone needs to pay the mortgage and buy yarn though! Only one project received knitting time tonight – design 4. And that was only a few rows. Data entry all day left me with a sore shoulder and aggravated my Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Here’s a photo of the yarn:

Now and Zen

No sneak peeks of the project yet. Soon though, there really isn’t much to see yet other than this gorgeous yarn yet.

The Test Knit for Ayla Washcloth is now FULL! Two coworkers agreed to knit it and I had another offer on Ravelry. Hopefully I’ll be doing revisions this weekend before sending the pattern to the tech editor.

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