A Long Painful Week

It’s been another long painful week. I had a slightly less painful time at work. I think it’s because some of what would normally be data entry time is spent covering a coworker’s duties while she’s on vacation. There’s less computer time with her duties.

But I’ve made up for it with fatigue. I went to bed by 8:30 twice and at 6:30 once. I lay down for a nap as I was falling asleep sitting up and woke up to my alarm the next morning. Thank God I set my alarm before laying down!!!

Very little was done as a result. I knit a few more rows on Design 4. I finished reading Knitting by Design and read Teach Yourself Visually: Knitting Design by Sharon Turner. I started Design 7!

It’s a small project. I’m hoping to finish writing the pattern, knitting the samples, testing and tech editing and publishing quickly. I hope it can be released in August. I don’t want to lose the momentum of my pattern releases.

I found some good-I hope!-podcasts on small craft businesses including Explore Your Enthusiasm! by Tara Swiger. Today I started reading Craft, Inc. Revised Edition by Meg Mateo Ilasco. I need to focus my dream for this design business and create a plan. If nothing else I need a list of goals. But I really should write a business plan.

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