I Can’t Believe It’s August! Already!

August is a big birthday month for my family. My sister and her eldest daughter share the 11th. I’m the next week and my eldest nephew is a week after me. Which means lots of family dinners and cake this month. And birthday gifts to figure out…

I think my sister is getting some of the dishcloths I made as samples while testing the Alys and Anya patterns. It’s been a while since I made her some. She loves handmade dishcloths almost as much as I do. But she doesn’t knit or crochet.

My niece is going to get a sample from the design I’m working on now. I’ve already started sample 2 in a yarn she had chosen for socks. It won’t take much and I’ll still have plenty for a Christmas gift of socks. It will work out to a small gift though so I may need to find something else too.

I have no ideas for my nephew yet. I’ll figure something out later.

I love gifting handmade items. It’s extra special now as they’re my own designs too. I hope most of my birthday and Christmas gifts this year will be made from my designs.

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