Two Steps Back & One Step Forward


I ran into a problem with design 5. When I tried last night to finish sample 1 I discovered my plan didn’t work. My original plan would have but I changed my mind partway through writing the pattern. So I slept on it.

I’m going back to my original idea for Design 5. Tonight I ripped out sample 2. And started anew. Sample 2 is now Design 6 and Design 5 is on hiatus until my niece’s birthday gift is knit. These will be sister designs-two approaches toward the same product.

I’m trying out a new cast on which will allow a three-needle bind off and eliminate seaming. This should create the design I was aiming towards at the end of my pattern. So tonight I did my first provisional cast on. Then I started knitting again. Tomorrow I’ll start writing this new pattern and revise the old.


I thought I was almost done this design. I was looking forward to opening testing next week. Instead I have two partial designs and at least another week of prep work before they are both ready for testing.

In the meantime my Ayla samples are washed and blocking. Cotton takes so long drying in humidity! Once they are dry I can do final photos and send Ayla off for tech editing.

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