Off for Editing!

This evening I sent my first design to a tech editor. I’m nervous and afraid. What if she thinks my pattern writing is atrocious? What if she thinks it’s a horrible design? Did I make obvious beginner mistakes?

I know it’s silly. My testers liked the design and found the pattern writing good. They had suggestions but that’s all. It wasn’t horrid.

I felt this way when I emailed it to the test knitters too. Will I feel like this every time I send a design out?

I knit some more on Design 5. I need to get sample 1 done by Sunday to give to my niece for her birthday. She will be eighteen on Monday. It doesn’t seem that long ago I met her just a few hours old. Now she’s a mum and almost eighteen! The years flew by…

2 thoughts on “Off for Editing!

  1. I sure still feel like this every time. But we’re both at the same place in our design journey right now I think.

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