Changes Ensue

I finished my sample 1 for both design 5 and 6. Design 6’s turned out great-exactly as I imagined. So my niece’s gift is ready when I see her later this week. My sister-in-law saw me working on it this weekend and was very interested. She doesn’t know yet but sample 2 will be for her. I haven’t decided yet if it will be a just because or Christmas gift. This one is knit in Gnome Acres in the Lady Camo colourway on the House Gnome base.

Yesterday I started my workday with long hair and finished with short. I had a hair appointment. I keep reaching up and feeling the shortness. I received lots of compliments! My boss kept stopping every time she passed my cubicle to tell me how much she liked the new cut.

Thursday I have an appointment with my optometrist. I know my vision has changed since my last check up. So new glasses are in my near future.

Yesterday Mira and I took a walk to the mailbox with a pit stop both ways for a quick dip in the bay. She loved it!

I’m not so sure the ducks did!
Duck Family Escapes

In the mail was my July Yarn Love Little Lovelies Club shipment. I received Driftwood and Antique Teal on the Juliet base. Each month we get a mini skein of Juliet and a full skein on our choice of bases. I love getting yarn in the mail!

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