Birthday Designs

I released my third pattern today! Ayla Washcloth is now available in my Ravelry Design Store. This is my first entirely knit design. It is a simple garter and stockinette washcloth but it is great for both beginners and more experienced knitters looking for potato chip knitting patterns. I plan on making some for Christmas gifts for family this year.

Ayla Washcloth
Ayla Washcloth

Some of you may note this pattern is released at a higher price than the previous. I made a very newbie error in deciding prices for my designs. I looked at the average price of paid dishcloths and washcloths on Ravelry. It appeared to be about $3.00 US. Without checking the exchange rate between the Canadian and US dollar I released my first pattern at $3.00 CAD last month. I discovered recently this is only $2.75 USD. So I decided to raise my rate for these patterns to $3.50 CAD. I don’t mind my prices being slightly below the average but not that far below!

My sister was very happy to receive five dishcloths for her birthday gift this weekend. She opened the bag and said “a restocking of dishcloths!” I gave her three Alys Cloths and two Anya Cloths.

Today is my birthday! I loved waking up to birthday wishes from friends and family. It is a work day but that’s ok. I work Monday to Friday-not every birthday can be on a weekend!

I had my optometrist appointment last Thursday. I was right-my prescription has changed. But I don’t need bifocals yet!!! I picked out new frames. We don’t have access to 24 hour glasses companies here. The nearest optometrist is three towns away and all glasses production is outsourced. My new glasses should be in next week. It takes 10-14 days approximately.

I am doing two test knits for other new designers. I love that I can help other new designers while at the same time knitting Christmas gifts! One test is for Kimberly, (cozycapecottage on Ravelry) of the Cozy Cape Cottage blog. I’m using Red Heart Comfort in a bright blue to test her Howard Hoodie. This one should work well with my nephew JJ’s blue eyes.

The other is for Pia (NogetUldent on Ravelry) of the Noget Uldent blog. My niece just approved the colours for the Purple Knight sweater. This one is for my great-nephew Jayven.

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