Unproductive Days

I feel this past weekend was nonproductive. I think it’s because things didn’t go as planned again! I started working on a new design Friday after work. Then Sat. fibromyalgia reacted to the change in weather with extreme fatigue. I spent a good part of the day and night in bed. I did get in a few hours of knitting/social media time but not as much as anticipated.

Sunday, I awoke early as I had a dental appointment. Good news: no new tooth decay! Bad news: all my old fillings need to be replaced! We did three and booked a follow up for the remaining in a few weeks. I spent a few hours numb on the left side of my face. During this time and the remainder of the day I proceeded to bite my tongue, my lip and my cheek! Of course I repeatedly have been biting all three since! Now my cheek, lip, teeth and tongue hurt. I’d forgotten how much pain getting fillings can cause. I managed to eek out a few hours of knitting and social media time. I finished knitting a swatch for the new design and wrote up part of the pattern in between loads of laundry.

There is a very intriguing thread in the Designers forum on Ravelry. Sarah Jane asked how full-time and part-time designers spent their days designing. Many designers are posting their schedules and describing their work day. Since I hope to make this into a part-time venture this fall, I am very interested in this thread. I need to work out the kinks in the processes first. My term as Recording Secretary of my union local is up for re-election in Oct. with a handover in December. I am strongly contemplating not running this year but remaining on the bargaining committee. This would free up some time that I hope to convert to design time.

I miss summer’s late sunsets. I think I need to either purchase a lamp for my knitting spot in the living room or switch up my evening routine so I knit earlier. I find it’s too dark to knit comfortably too fast for the amount of knitting I’ve planned.

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