An Ebook?

I have been thinking recently about doing ebooks in the future. Just vague ideas of pattern collections or telling a story with related designs. Then I read Pia’s post on Noget Uldent about starting an ebook. I commented encouragingly and mentioned I was thinking of doing one in the future. She replied, encouraging me to do it. We can go through the first time struggles together, she said.

So it seems I am about to start an ebook! I have two ideas and have chosen which to do first. Regina of the byRegina website is hosting a 3-day Create Challenge this weekend. She has written an instructional ebook for the challengers. I have enrolled. My challenge project is the beginning stages of my ebook. There is no way I can create five or six designs in three days. But I can create the concepts and get started.

My new glasses are ready for pickup. Tomorrow after work I’m heading out to get them. I can’t wait! I’ll take pictures for my next post.

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