A Starship Adventure!

It’s been a busy few days-at least it feels that way!

I re-thought my ebook idea. The original just wasn’t feasible for this winter and I don’t want to hold the designs until next fall! I worked out a rough draft with my new plan. I am able to use two design concepts and a design in progress. Now to knit and write the patterns. I’d like to still get a few designs out in the next few months-preferably before the Indy Gift-A-Long!

I got it to the Starship!!!!!!!!!!!

Before you think I’ve gone crazy-I’m not! I got into Tara Swiger’s Starship Adventure! This is a great experience for a new creative business. I’m in the orientation stage right now. I’m familiarizing myself with the setup and reading threads in the forum. This weekend I hope to start my first course.

My glasses are great and so light! I didn’t realize how heavy my older set were. I also didn’t realize how blurred things were until they were crisp and clear. Here are some photos:
My New Glasses

This Sunday I’m heading to the city for an ultrasound my oncologist ordered. He wants it done there by his team as they are better trained at spotting abnormalities that may be reoccurring Cancer cells. The test is Monday but as the city is 5 hours away Mum and I are going in the day before. It gives us a little shopping time too!

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