I felt very odd this morning walking out the door. For the first time in months I was wearing something other than sandals on my feet! Autumn has arrived in my small town. Leaves have been turning yellow for a few weeks. I turned on the heat last night as I was cold knitting in the living room. The temperature last night dipped below zero!!! That’s 32‘F for my American readers! So this morning I wore socks and ankle boots for the first time since spring. I also wore my Knitting Den Lacy Baktus. I contemplated fingerless mitts as I started walking to work. But before I could pull them out of my bag my boss pulled up a block away and asked if I’d like a ride! YES, my fingerless mitts live in my bag! I live in the North! Any day of the year could be cold enough for mitts!

On the drive to the city Sunday I started reading the Charting Your Stars course by Tara Swiger. This is the first course I am taking on the Starship. It basically helps you create a business plan for the next year. On the drive back I started reading her book, Market Yourself.

The ultrasound was harder than I thought. I had to hold my neck in odd positions for about an hour. It was very painful afterwards. We left the city shortly after my appointment. Within an hour I had to take medication as I was in so much pain. I called in sick the next day as it was so bad I was nauseous. Moving my head was agonizing. Fortunately I had an appointment with my physician on Wednesday. Five trigger point injections later, my neck is feeling much better.

But today, it’s my right shoulder! It burns and every time I move my upper arm pain shoots down and my hand goes numb followed by extreme pain. I had to take another pain pill. It did improve with the meds but didn’t go away completely. I just want to have a pain-free day without medications!

This weekend, I plan to spend time in the Starship; do Charting Your Stars; knit a lot; and hopefully write up a pattern. And the usual groceries and laundry!

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