Be Mindful!

I’m still test knitting for Pia. I think Purple Knight is a great design. I am really enjoying the knit. Everyone who sees the project loves it. I hope to knit it again in the future.

I also started a design for my ebook. I’m switching off between the sweater and this as-yet-unnamed cowl. The sweater is fingering weight and the cowl Aran. When my hands get tired of one I work on the other.

I started my Mindfulness Based Chronic Pain Management class. The classes are every Monday for thirteen weeks. I’m hopeful it will be successful in helping me learn to live with my chronic pain. I would love to be able to reduce the amount of pain medication I take. The classes are offered by the NeuroNova Centre for Mindfulness-Based Chronic Pain Management in Toronto via The Ontario Telehealth Network as videoconferences. There were at least ten locations across the province taking part in the course! My second class was today. I found last week’s class helpful. I was in less pain during the week. The days I did not meditate I felt more pain. I just need to get into the habit of doing homework again and meditating daily.

I’m almost finished Chart Your Stars and have started Crafting an Effective Blog courses on the Starship. I am so glad I made the investment in my business and joined the Starship Adventure. The support of Tara and the other members is amazing. Everyone is friendly and helpful. There is always someone available to bounce ideas off and brainstorm with. Membership opens to the public today! I recommend joining if you have a creative business.

I got hung up on one aspect of the Chart Your Stars course. It asks you to find your value(s)/attribute(s)-North Stars-that are going to lead all business decisions/direction for the year. I had trouble narrowing down my choices. After a two day debate with myself I decided on Mindfulness and Love-two of the first I thought of. These two words are leading my personal life this year too.

A co-worker reminded me last week we have a wage raise scheduled Sept. 28th and a lump sum raise scheduled for Sept. 29th. I had forgotten it was so close. This year seems to be flying by! I think part of the lump sum payment is going to purchase some Yarn Love yarn. Smitten Yarns is running a buy any colour on any base special order sale until Oct. 1st. Another portion will go into the business.

Tomorrow morning I’m heading to the city for an appointment with my oncologist for my two year check up. I’m worried. I’m trying not to worry but I’m afraid my ultrasound two weeks ago may have found cancer again. I know it was an hour long ultrasound and she was measuring every lymph node in my neck. She was very thorough. I keep hoping that’s the normal protocol for CancerCare ordered ultrasounds. I’ll get my results on Wed.

Mira and I walked to the mailbox this evening. Inside were three parcels! I can home and tore into them. It was like it rained yarn in my living room!

2 thoughts on “Be Mindful!

  1. Thank you for sharing your journey. I hope the ultrasound comes back clean and I will keep you in my thoughts. Can’t wait to see your new designs 🙂

    1. Keeping it all internal can make the fears worse sometimes. Putting it in writing here quiets them a little. It doesn’t silence them but it helps. Thank you for the thoughts; I appreciate them.

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