Good News, Bad News?

I started this post Sept. 28th but was unable to complete it. Rather than delete the draft and restart I’m just going to add to it.

Sept. 28
I just saw my oncologist. I got my ultrasound results. I have two abnormal lymph nodes; one on each side of my neck. They are both 5.0 mm which falls under the let’s watch and see treatment plan. In six months I’ll get another ultrasound, lab work, and see the oncologist again.

Back to Oct. 8th…

Will it stay? I hope not!
Will it stay? I hope not!

The news from my oncologist was not what I wanted but better than I feared too. The lymph nodes are too small too biopsy now. When they reach 1 cm we’ll biopsy. If the pathology comes back as Cancer we book surgery and remove them. In the meantime we wait.

I am now in a raging Fibromyalgia flare. I’ve been off work sick since last Monday. I saw my physician this morning. She adjusted one of my pain meds and added another. I’m off work until at least until next Tuesday. I’m in constant severe pain and am tired all the time.

When I can I knit, when I can’t I nap. I’m still working on the test knit. I’m still designing. I’m still active in the Starship. I was able attend the chat last week. This week we are working on our plans for the quarter (Map Making). As the map comes together I’ll share it here. I’m attending our chat in a few minutes!

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