In the Midst of Fatigue and Pain


I didn’t disappear-I promise I won’t!

The week flew by in the midst of fatigue and pain. I’m still off work. Which if it was for a holiday would give me lots of uninterrupted time for Bridgwater Crafts. Instead I was too tired to do much. I think today is the first day in two weeks I’ve been awake for eight hours straight. And I’m typing this while laying in bed. I’m not usually a napper but the Fibro flare doesn’t care about that.

I did get some Bridgwater Crafts work squeezed in between naps. This week on the Starship we’ve been map making for quarter 4 (October, November and December). First you pick your goal or goals for the quarter. Then you choose ten mile markers along the way. And finally you decide on fifty to-do items to get you to your mile markers and ultimately your overall goal. I finished my map on Oct. 13th and began following the path the next day. I mapped out my mile markers on a provided stone pathway then created a checklist of the to-dos and mile markers. My goals are to increase my social media presence and design four patterns.

Here’s my map:

My Q4 - 2014 Map!
My Q4 – 2014 Map!

I’ve already completed a few of the to-do items! And thought of a change! Tonight I bound off sample 2 of my first design of the quarter. Tomorrow I will photograph the samples and polish up the pattern. I’ll be opening up for testing soon.

My change is the planned timelines for the designs. Originally I was going to release them toward the end of the quarter except for one that’s going in to the Ebook next year. Now I plan to not postpone any steps along the design process. Once the knitting and writing and photography is done I’ll open testing. Then tech editing and release shortly after. Why wait? Why postpone potential income? Besides these first three would make great Winter Holiday gifts.

Another potential change I’ll do my best to not allow to divert my attention from the map! I alluded to a childhood dream rekindled in Monday’s post. Let me explain. One of the things we do in the Starship is help eachother out with things like proofreading. A captain had written an article on writing. As I proofed the article I remembered how much I used to write as a child and teen. I got busy and stopped in adulthood. But I loved putting words to paper.

So I’m starting to write again. I joined NaNoWriMo and will start a book November 1st. Will I be able to keep up the necessary pace to write 50 000 words in one month? I don’t know. But I’ll try!

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