Drusilla – With Photos!!!

A friend mentioned this morning that she would have liked to see a photo or even a sketch of Drusilla in last night’s post. Thank you B. For the catch!

In my rush/excitement to request testers and get the call out here, on Ravelry, Instagram and Twitter I forgot the photos! I uploaded them to the WordPress server but forgot to add them to the post.

So, here they are:

Drusilla samples 1 & 2
Drusilla samples 1 & 2


Drusilla Sample 2
Drusilla Sample 2

As you can see the texture really pops when knit with a semi-solid yarn!

I have made a note in my Testing Patterns System to “PUT PHOTO OF FO!”. I’m slowly making process lists of steps involved in various aspects of the business.

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