November Means

November is here. It seems too early somehow. Yet tonight the clocks fall back an hour!

November 1 means it’s time for month end assessments for Bridgwater Crafts, the business. It feels like little was accomplished in October since I was off sick from my day job the whole month. I’m still off sick and now on stronger medication so even less is getting done as I’m sleepy from the meds. It feels like I’m up two hours then asleep four hours. But I’m trying to cram as much in my brain as I can in those two hours. Tara, wonderful mentor that she is, has a workbook for monthly assessments. I’ve downloaded the workbook and will complete it tomorrow.

November 1 means Day 1 of NaBloPoMo. The National Blog Post Monthly event is run by I’m also involved in a Ravelry group, Blogging, that is taking part in the event. Hopefully the habit of daily posting will be so ingrained come December that reducing to four or five will feed extremely odd.

November 1 means no family birthdays until next month.

November 1 means that snow is going to stick around and start accumulating.

November 1 means Christmas Day is very close! It’s time to ramp up the gift making and gift buying.

If you’re stuck for what to make and you knit or crochet, don’t forget I’ve got four patterns that can help you with that! Just click that Ravelry Designer button in the sidebar-it’ll take you to my design store.

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