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This is the first post in what will become a weekly occurrence. Every Friday, I will talk about and show teasers of the designs I am currently working on. Yes, I said designs! I was not a monogamous crocheter, after learning to knit I was not a monogamous knitter, and I am not a monogamous designer either! I currently have quite a few designs in various stages of production.

But first a bit of background. I decided in June to start designing professionally. I decided to start with something small to get used to the process. I would start with dishcloths and washcloths. I also decided to name my designs with people names. Not foods, not plants, not places, not a mix of various things. I was going to use given names.

I started with A, because well it’s the first letter! My first plan was to work on each letter until I ran out of ideas or a long period of time passed. Then after a few weeks, I realized it could get confusing having many A named designs on the go at the same time. This was in July. So June/July designs start with A. August with B. September with C. October with D. The month the idea comes to me and a file is started determines which month’s letter is used. I have a template pattern file that I use so there’s no future need to cut and paste and reformat from word processor files. I just copy the template file, rename the copy and I’m good to go.

So in June and July I started a number of patterns. Alys Cloth and Anya Cloth were started in June and published in July. Ayla Washcloth was started end of June/beginning of July and published in August. But there are a few designs from June and July that have not been published yet. And some from August, September and October too.

  • Arielle is in the knitting sample 1 while jotting down the pattern stage.
  • Amelie is in the I have notes in a file and the yarn caked up stage.
  • Antonia is in the I have notes in a file and the yarn caked stage.
  • Anaïs is in the I didn’t work as planned and need rethinking stage.
  • Belle is in the knitting sample 2 with the pattern notes stage.
  • Bettina is in the I didn’t quite work but I inspired Drusilla and helped with a stitch pattern for Amelie stage. She’s up next.
  • Cathlyn is a spinoff of Arielle with crochet as well. She’s basically just an idea with a name and file at this point. The yarns are caked.
  • Damia is in the sample 1 is knit but very scant notes were taken and I’ve inspired a companion piece, maybe two so we need more time.
  • Drusilla is in testing now and will hopefully go to the tech editor in the next week.

Do you see why I decided too many A names could get confusing? There’s seven of them!

There are currently eight designs on the go with two potential/very probable spinoffs. I’m not sure I have the yarn to do two spinoffs! We’ll see. Of the current eight only two are cloths. Two are small projects. The others are larger projects.

And here are two teaser photos:

Drusilla samples 1 & 2
Drusilla samples 1 & 2
Arielle in Progress
Arielle in Progress

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