Something I’m Pondering

It’s been a fairly ordinary day. I woke up in a lot of pain; took my medications and lay back down. I figured I’d stay there until the meds kicked in or the dog drove me crazy. Whichever came first! They came pretty close to the same time. So the dog went out and I shivered my way back to bed. It was below 0’C and snow was on the ground!

I lay in bed a bit reading my emails, checking a few things online then got moving. Laundry has been washed, dried and folded. Groceries have been bought and put away. I visited my mother for a few hours and had dinner there. Mmm, minestrone!

Now I’m back home, back laying in bed, with a cat asleep on my legs trying to deside what to write…

Then I thought of something I’ve been contemplating for a few years but keep putting off. Have I mentioned I’m a procrastinator?

I need to do a wardrobe/image overhaul. I always wear basically the same outfits just in the different solid colours. This spring, while on a medical trip, I purchased four tops unlike anything I owned. I received so many compliments from coworkers. I realized the rut I’ve been in is bad enough that people were surprised to see me in stripes or in prints. And I felt good in them. I felt like me in them.

Then one day I looked at my yarn wall and said, “Duh! No wonder I feel better in stripes and prints!” Almost all my yarn is self-striping or variegated. But I only wear solids. No wonder I feel a disconnect!

I can’t afford to get rid of my current wardrobe and replace it all. But I can afford to weed out what’s wornout or faded or no longer fits. I can afford to plan ahead for spring-it’s too late to plan for winter, it’s arrived. I can plan what I need to buy. I can plan what I can knit. I have several sweaters worth of yarn I love.

I can plan whether I want to do a capsule style wardrobe or a French 5-piece wardrobe or just a French chic style wardrobe with basic shapes but more colour. And if I plan it right I can even work it into the business by designing patterns to fit the new wardrobe!

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