November 16-22 Weekly Plans

I did something a little different this week.

Last week, I wrote my list in a notebook then typed it here. But I didn’t really refer to either again until the end of the week.

So last night, after writing my weekly review post, I wrote out what my plan for this week is in my notebook. This evening I typed it all into Evernote as a checklist. And just a few minutes ago I took a screenshot of that list. So, here is my plan for this week:

Nov. 16-22 to-do list
Nov. 16-22 to-do list

Did you notice? Did you? There’s already something done! Drusilla was emailed to my tech editor about an hour ago.

Two items depend on whether or not I return to work this week. I see my family physician on Tuesday. If I do not return to work I’ll have more reading time and maybe extra knitting time. My shoulders and arms have been so bad this past week I’ve knit less than hoped.

I almost forgot! In the mail when I checked it today was notification I have an MRI in a city 4.5 hrs away on Dec. 1. Thanks for lots of notice guys! This will show if I’ve had any further degeneration in my cervical vertebrae (neck). It could explain the increased pain. So I might be able to do some Christmas shopping in a real mall. With more than four stores and a restaurant.

Also in the mail was the October Smitten Yarns Yarn Club shipment. It’s not the best photo because it was already dark but here it is:

Another great Smitten Yarns Yarn Club month!
Another great Smitten Yarns Yarn Club month!

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