A Monday Magazine Review – Knit Simple Holiday 2014

There are are no links in this post. I tried repeatedly last night but WP would no cooperate. It kept deleting the entire post. I finally restored my original link-free version and gave up. I’ve been working on it for more than an hour.


The cover claims 38 Fun Knits; and the best gifts ever! Let’s see what’s inside…

The Knits + That column has some great gift ideas for your gift list:
The Tess Della Q bag at 14″ tall can hold a good size project.
Knitter’s Pride Knit Blockers will make blocking straight edges a breeze.
Lo-Lo Lov sampler set of Lo-Lo Bars by Bar Maids contains five minis of your choice of scents.
Winter Knitter notecards and Yarn Ball with Needles gift tags by Knitterella look adorable.

This issue profiles Meredith Crawford of the One Sheepish Girl blog www.onesheepishgirl.com. I really want the tassels in the photograph of her desk! The profile tells of her journey from starting to knit and crochet in her junior year of university to starting her blog in 2010 to recently releasing her first book, Crochet with One Sheepish Girl.

The Knit Simple Team has put a lot of thought into the holiday theme! The pattern descriptions include gift ideas to accompany the knit! What a great idea!

#5-Seed-Stitch Bag by Annabelle Speer is a tote I think I will be making soon. For me, I think. It’ll be my first time lining knits with fabric. It makes the tote much more usable.

#6-Notions Bag by Matthew Schrank is described as a notions or pencil case. I’m thinking it would make a nice makeup bag for a teenager’s purse. Maybe for one of my nieces…

I like #13-Sleeveless Shell by Mari Lynn Patrick. I’ve never seen the Eros II by Plymouth Yarns though. I wonder what could be used  a substitute…

#14-Ruffled Shawl by Lori Steinberg is gorgeous! I want!

The trio of cushions, #15-Cabled Pillows by Annabelle Speer, use the same cable to make three distinct cushions that go well together without being too matchy matchy.

This month’s KS Workshop is Learning the Ropes of Loom Knitting. I don’t own any knitting looms so I kinda skimmed past this bit.

A baby layette makes up #20-22. Veronica Manno designed the textured blanket; Rosemary Drysdale, the Baby Hat and The Baby Cardi.All three are adorable. I can see making these in the future. The Cardi goes to three years which would fit my great-nephew. I may try to size up the hat for me!

There are lots of hats in this issue. And pompoms! There’s pompom patterns and tutorials. They’ve inspired me to take another look at those bits and bobs of leftovers. I think I could make some cute pompom projects!

The magazine ends with a goodbye essay by the departing Art Director, Emily Jones.

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