If It Doesn’t Rain, It Snows!

It’s been a rough day. I had to get up early to catch a ride across town to a doctor’s appointment. So I hung out at Mum’s for a few hours while she was at work. It’s much easier to walk 5 minutes than 40 when you’ve been sick.

Her wifi is much better than mine so I updated both my iPhone and iPad mini to the latest iOS version.

Then I walked to my appointment. We’d barely started when there was a knock on the door. It was one of the office staff saying she’d been trying to reach me about a specialist appointment-that she’d been leaving messages for me at work. I told her I’m off sick right now. She gave me the papers.

It was for the MRI in Thunder Bay AND an x-Ray the same day AND a doctor’s appointment the next day. I don’t understand why the Thunder Bay hospital and the doctor’s office didn’t coordinate notification. Or why the clerk didn’t call my cell when she could never get me at work. Or why no one at work changed my voice mail when I went off sick 1.5 months ago! But it gets better…

My doctor has put me off sick until the new year. I think she might have gone longer but that’s when my sick time runs out and LTD (Long Term Disability) kicks in if they accept you. They don’t always accept fibromyalgia as a disability. And I’d rather stay working for as long as possible. Ideally until I can get early retirement so about fifteen years. Unless Bridgwater Crafts makes enought to support me and my multiple medications before I reach early retirement age.

So we agreed our goal is to get me back to work and for as long as possible. We both know but didn’t say out loud I won’t be working until early retirement ate least not at this job. So I may have to look at another job at the hospital. But that’s a worry for next year because there’s more still…

The doctor leaves the room to get what she needs for my injections. I hear my phone vibrate on the chair next to me. It’s a Thunder Bay number. In fact, it’s the number on the letter sitting on the desk beside me for the neurosurgeon I’m seeing next month. I missed the call but they left a message that they needed to cancel my appointment and could I call for rescheduling. My doctor had already asked me to stop at the desk on my way out and clarify the X-ray. So I got my injections.

I go to the front desk. I pay for my sick note. I make my follow up appointment for next month. Then I bring out the neurosurgeon paperwork. So the clerk calls their office. I can do the X-ray right after my MRI, there’s an order waiting and it’s handled by the same radiology registration clerk. Then they start talking about my appointment and Nicole says “I’ve got the patient right here in front of me. I can pass her the phone.” So I get on. The clerk is very apologetic; they received more OR time and it overlaps my appointment. So I said its ok, I understand, I work at a hospital too, these things happen.

Then she says she can’t get me in to both the MRI and the doctor back to back until January or we can keep the Dec. 1 MRI and come the next week for the neuro appointment. We can get really bad storms with highway closures in Jan. and Feb. And my mother’s a nervous driver. My sister was able to do the Dec. 1 driving. So I kept the Dec. 1 MRI/X-ray and we’ll come back the next week to see the neurosurgeon. I don’t know who we will be besides me yet but we’ll figure it out.

I wish I still drove but I was so dizzy today I didn’t know if I’d make to the clinic and back walking! I refuse to drive while still getting dizzy spells. I will not be responsible for an accident because I was too dizzy to stop in time. And looking at moving objects makes the dizziness worse. Then when I came home there was a little box at the door. My business cards are in!

My new business cards!
My new business cards!

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