A Moment Of Overwhelm

It’s freezing here! I hope it’s warm where you are. It’s -18’C/0’F! Winter has definitely arrived. All I want to do is huddle under a warm blanket. My doctor told me on Tuesday that she wants me to get out more and socialize. She’s afraid I’ll get depressed here at home sick all the time. She’s got a point but it’s so cold out! Maybe tomorrow I’ll walk to the Tim Horton’s two blocks away. I’ll bring my iPad, have a coffee and read online for a bit while. It’ll be a nice change of scenery.

Early this morning, unable to sleep I started working some more on the Creating an Effective Blog course. I got overwhelmed. I couldn’t figure out my Right People (perfect customers) because I want to design so many different types of things. So I got on the Starship forum and started my first ever conversation. I asked,

I’m a crochet and knit designer. I started this June with dish/washcloths to gain experience with small items. But I don’t want to just design dish/washcloths.

I want to design home goods like the cloths but also cushions and afghans. I want to make accessories like cowls, hats, mittens, scarves and shawls. I want to make garments like cardigans, shells, skirts, socks, and tanks.

I’m having trouble with Creating An Effective Blog because I don’t know if I have one type of Right People or five.

I swear I’m not schizophrenic but I’ve never been a crafter to focus on only one thing and that isn’t changing now that I’m designing.

I have two published dishcloths and one washcloth. A second washcloth is off for tech editing. I’m working on a dish/washcloth now. She could go either way so I’m not sure how I’ll market her. I have designs in progress for a cowl with matching hat and fingerless mitts; two headbands; four shawls; and a business card holder. And an idea for a shell but I’m not rushing that one since its frigid here right now!

Maybe I have a very open-minded, well rounded right person? Or lots of very different ones?


Then in frustration I went to bed. I awoke to messages from other captains reassuring me I’m ok. Lots of creative people often have multiple areas of interest. They were so encouraging! Some admitted to feeling the same way sometimes. Many reminded me the commonality in my designs is ME. My sense of style and my design aesthetic affects all my designs and that is what will draw my Right People. Tara encouraged me to “focus on writing the kind of posts that a knitter of your patterns would want to read. Teach her how to do stuff she wants to do, or point her to resources she’ll love, or tell stories that she’s into.”

So I’m taking a break for the rest of the week from that course. I’m instead going to do the Market Yourself reading I’ve been wanting to do all week.

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