Designs in Process Friday

This week, let’s start by releasing names. It’s much easier to say Drusilla, sample 2 than design 11, sample 2! For simplicity I will list all by letter. Those in bold are already self-published.

A=Alys, Anya, Ayla, Arielle, Amelie, Antonia and Anaïs
B=Belle, Bettina
D=Drusilla and Damia

Now, that that is out of the way let’s get to what’s changed.

I photographed the Drusilla samples, polished the layout and pattern and sent the files to my tech editor. Her turn-around is approximately two weeks; it’s been almost one.

Bettina, sample 1 is knit and the pattern roughed out. Sample 2 is cast on and maybe one row knit.

Then I paused for a bit. When I ordered my business cards I opted not to purchase a carrier but instead to knit or crochet one once they arrived. They arrived Tuesday. Wednesday I decided for sure my yarn choice. Only one problem, it was colour 3 of a tri-coloured shawl that wasn’t quite done. So I spent Wednesday and part of yesterday finishing the shawl then started the bind off. Last evening I sketched out what I had in mind and played with names. Bind off was completed today.

I am still not sure on the full name but you might have noticed an E name above. I have decided to walk with you through the process of this design. It’s a small project and I hope to at least have the first sample ready next week. As I came across names in the beginning I would enter them in a reminders list on my iPhone checking them off as I used them. Then I realized I was getting duplicate and even triplicate names so I started a Google Sheets file. Here is my sketch and naming trials:

Elspeth planning
Elspeth planning

As the design is envelope in shape I want that as part of the name. I also want people to see that it’s a card holder too. Elspeth Envelope Card Holder seems a long name for such a small item! So the final name may change but Elspeth is to be her name!

I have not yet cast on or done guage swatches. For something this size I will probably just expirament with needle size. She will be knit in Yarn Love Yarn in BFL/nylon sock in the colourway Bolivian Chili.

Bolivian Chili

Bolivian Chili closeup
Bolivian Chili closeup

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