This Week in Review

Here’s my to-do list for the week. Bolded items were completed.

– Write seven blog posts. I not only wrote a post daily but I have Quotation Wednesday booked with quotes through mid-March.
– Send Drusilla to the tech editor. Drusilla was sent.
– Revise and publish upon return if this week. [I received the edited file this afternoon. I will revise tomorrow.]
– Read one chapter of Market Yourself daily. [dependent on if back to work] No! But today’s not over yet!
– Read one chapter for fun daily. [dependent upon returning to work] I read all but two days this week and today’s not over! So I’m considering it a success!
– Finish knitting sample 1 of Bettina and write pattern. Done!
– Knit sample 2 of Bettina and revise pattern. Started!
– Photo both samples of Bettina.
– Open Bettina for testing.
– Complete Lesson 2-3 of CEB. See earlier blogpost this week!
– Catch up on Holiday Sanity. Started!
– Continue Christmas crafting.

I was discouraged tonight before looking at the list in the post here. I didn’t get as much as I would have liked. Pain and fatigue still rule my days. But I still accomplished quite a bit.

I also finished a shawl that’s been on the needles for months. My Drachenfels shawl was a test for Melanie Berg. Fibromyalgia reared its ugly head with that one too and I was unable to meet the deadline. It’s a beautiful pattern and created a shawl I can’t wait to use. As soon as I weave in a few dozen ends and block her. I woven in a bunch of ends this afternoon. Tri-coloured shawls have LOTS of ends to weave in!

I wove in all the ends from Damia, sample 1. I’m pretty sure I have enough for a hat to. I should check if Smitten Yarns has the colours in stock. I’d like to buy another skein of each for mittens but I have those trips to Thunder Bay. Maybe I can get them during the Black Friday sale!

I also cast on Elspeth Envelope.

And I’ve been adding the Ravelry links to Monday’s magazine review. That’s time consuming!

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