Weekly Plan Creation, Nov 23-29

I’m trying something new this week-well two but I’m having issues with the second. The first is how I do my weekly planning. I’m trying out an app called Gneo. It sorts your to do items under urgent/important, urgent/not important, important/urgent and not important/not urgent. I’m hopeful this will eliminate procrastination and overwhelm.

Here’s what this week looks like:

To-Do This Week
To-Do This Week

The other thng I’m trying is a new keyboard app for my iPhone and iPad. I like the look but auto-correct is worse than ios and it keeps runng my words together.

We will see to heybook fare thisweek! Ack! See what I mean! That was supposed to say we will see how they fare this week! It’s like sticky keys on an old typewriter!

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