Drusilla and Catching Up

Drusilla Cloth is live and available for electronic purchase via my Ravelry store.

Drusilla Cloth
Drusilla Cloth

It’s been a long week. Taking the two day medical trip tired me out much more than I expected. Turns out a fibromyalgia flare + 5 hour drive both ways + chest and c-spine X-rays + an MRI + some shopping + a 3 year old who won’t settle for the night = a very tired Kimberley. But I did a little Christmas shopping and have a few things in mind to pick up when I go back next week. It feels nice to check off gifts on my list! And I found a book for the biz I havent been able to find electronically-Maggie Righetti’s Sweater Design in Plain English! I┬álay down for a short nap after getting back Tuesday and woke up Wednesday. Skipping pain meds in a flare was a very bad idea! But I planned on a one or two hour nap, not to wake up thirteen hours later.

Grandma is very willing to stay home and babysit so my sister and I can go alone next trip. But it doesn’t look like my sister can get the time off work. So it might be me and Mum this trip. She’s a very nervous winter driver. She has winter tires but still misses the studded tires from her previous car.

I didn’t get any of the knitting and little of the planned reading done while away so I feel like I’m still catching up. I have to keep reminding myself I’m off sick for a reason. I’m going to tire easy. I’m going to be slower than I’d like. If I could do a full day’s work, I’d be at work not at home!

I closed the themes’ poll on Monday while on the road. It looks like reviews are moving off the weekly schedule. ┬áRather than purchase things specificly to review, if I come across something I love like my HiyaHiya Sharps or knitting with a certain yarn or a book I’ve just read I’ll review it/them periodically. Quotation Wednesday as you saw yesterday is staying exactly where it is. In fact, I think I’m currently scheduled for quotes until April and have about a dozen I haven’t entered into the editorial calendar or scheduled on WordPress. I’m probably set until next summer for quotes! Designs in Process will remain Friday’s theme. I will probably merge Week in Review and Weekly Plan Creation. I haven’t made up my mind about those two yet. Reviewing last week as I plan this week seems to combine naturally.

So it’s looking like I’ll be posting four to five times a week normally with some changes when travelling etc. This is good though. I’ve kind of missed the regular posting even though it’s only been a few days!

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