Weekly Review and Plan Creation

It’s Sunday again which means I should have a plan, right?

But, I’m not home. I’m typing this while lying on the hotel bed the night before I see a neurosurgeon for the first time. I had such bad wifi I’d given up on typing a post. I put the iPad on the bed went to grab something across the room and suddenly I had a full signal.

I’m learning to be more specific so things actually get done. If nothing gets checked off it gets overwhelming having all those un-done to-dos. I didn’t make a big plan for this week just a few things:

Today’s reads:

Go to Thunder Bay
Start Automatical Email Series

Go shopping
Get Haircut
Knit on Bettina sample 2
Knit on Damia sample 2


See Dr.
Come home
Knit on Damia sample 2
Knit on Bettina sample 2

The rest is murkier:

Finish Automatical Email Series
Apply for blog contributor position
Complete November month end
Read Market Yourself
Finish Bettina sample 2
Finish Damia sample 2
Work on other partial designs

A lot will depend on how I feel upon my return. And on the results of tomorrow’s appointment. And the snowstorms going through the region. It took me most of the last week to recover from Mon-Tues’s trip! As a result not much was accomplished unfortunately.

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