The Book and How it Changes the Design Process

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Due to the trouble with disappearing buttons or super-sized full-screen on an iPad buttons, I was unable to get the usual Designs in Process post ready today. But I can still give you a synopsis:

Damia, sample 2 is almost half the completed length. When I realized I had no realistic chance of finishing it in time for yesterday’s department Christmas lunch I put it aside. I work instead on cramming out dishcloths to take to sell. That resulted in a sore shoulder and a total, including those previously complete, of six. So I didn’t bother bringing them. I didn’t want fighting over them to occur. I’ll make more in these next few weeks before I return to work and bring them in at that time.

I worked a little on Arielle today-just a few rows.

That unfortunately is about all that came about design wise once I started the book. The book is a game-changer design-wise. Now I’m slotting previously started and planned designs into an outline of monthly chapters for the book. Which may change the timing of when I had planned to release designs. I would prefer to have two patterns per month, most often one crochet and one knit, although occasionally there may be just one. The book will have at least fifteen patterns.

Which means I need to figure out pricing for a basically thirteen chapter book-the prologue looks like it will be long-with fifteen to twenty-four patterns. Pricing the pattern-free version is much easier but I can’t just add the price of fifteen patterns to that. It would be way too expensive. Oh well, I have a few weeks to get that figured out.

I already have three proofreaders for the prologue which I hope to complete tomorrow or early Sunday. I want to email it out to the proofreaders on Sunday. That should give me a good timeline for editing and re-proofing, final changes and formatting. And hopefully a mid-January release to newsletter subscribers. Then the book will be available for purchase. So if you want to be one of the first to read the prologue become a newsletter subscriber. The first newsletter goes out January 1 and the prologue mid-month.

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