Maybe 17/2/2015...
Maybe 17/2/2015…

I am very sorry to write that C’est Ma Vie! 2015 will not be out today as planned. A fall yesterday has set me behind about a day and a half. I’m hoping to release it tomorrow or Tuesday.

I’m ok, just left with a lot of pain. I was carrying more than I should have been in my unshovelled driveway from Mum’s car on the street. I should have made two trips and probably shouldn’t have been wearing an ankle-length skirt. I don’t know if I stepped on my hem or if my foot went through the crust of snow. It happened so fast. I was walking and then suddenly I was on my knees with my arms braced on the laundry basket I was carrying. Mum didn’t jump out of the car so I’m pretty sure either she didn’t see it or realize what happened.

Yesterday, every joint hurt from my ankles to my┬átemporomandibular joint from the impact. Today all the muscles attached to those joints also hurt. But, I didn’t drop anything and I distinctly remember saying “Fudge!” instead of F—! I’m trying to watch my language now that the littles are 2 & 3 (almost 4). They’re little parrots sometimes!

I was already running about four hours behind but now it’s more like twenty. I could make up four hours by staying up late but twenty is a little harder. But I will release as soon as possible.

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