Welcome Back, Spring!

Welcome back, Spring!

It’s hard to believe it’s the first day of spring already but today is the vernal equinox. We’re still in minus temperatures as often as positive although hitting positives is a good sign! Mira is shedding like crazy! So it must be Spring!

Today, I have some design peeks and some stash additions. I finished crocheting and knitting both March designs. I still need to finish the patterns but the basics are already there. I need to lay them out and measure them pre-blocking. I hope to block them both tomorrow.

A Peek at Arielle & Cathlyn
A Peek at Arielle & Cathlyn

I took the week off design samples and started replenishing my stock of available dishcloths. I offerred them to my old coworkers. I heard back quickly from two ladies wanting six each. I plan to bring extras with me when I go in on Monday in case some of the other ladies in the office see them and decide to buy some too. I have a few Anya and lots of Alys. Alys is quicker for me; I’ve made her so many times over the years.

Crocheting Alys While Gypsy Sleeps
Crocheting Alys While Gypsy Sleeps

I’m contemplating vending at the local Farmers’ Market this year. I’m fairly sure I can make the table cost and get a good return on investment. It’s going to depend if I start working again or am off still. If I’m working, I would need to take the day of the Market off. This isn’t a problem as I have lots of holidays but I would have a new boss who may not like my wanting a bunch of Fridays off over the next few months.

If I’m off there’s no reason not to at least try a few. It’s a four hour event with good attendance. I would be selling printed copies of my designs, postcards with coupon codes for my ebooks and dishcloths and other small designed items to start and probably add the Damia set as it gets closer to autumn. I know there is a much larger crochet and knitting population here than shows up in Ravelry so I hope to bring new customers to my designs.

My only fear is that creating stock would take away from designing and writing. For that reason, I may only do a few of the Markets as a trial. If it works well I may plan to do them all next year and work on stock as time allows year round.

When I checked the mail today I had two packages of yarn waiting patiently for me to arrive. One is from Audrey of Smitten Yarns, the February club yarn is Cavan Worsted by Three Irish Girls dyed in the Bahamas Mama colourway, a citrusy blend of grapefruit, lemons, limes and oranges. I’ve never worked with this base but I’m looking forward to designing with this yarn! The other package was from Katie of Yarn Love Yarn, my February shipment of her Little Lovelies club. I ordered my usual Elinor Dashwood base, I LOVE this base! The colourway is Moonlight Indigo, a mix of blues, greens, indigo and purple. The mini is Moonlight Purple on the Juliet base.

New Yarn!
New Yarn!

I have plans for all my Juliet minis but that’s for C’est Ma Vie! 2016! I won’t have time for that design to make it into the 2015 book. But, it will be worth the wait!

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