March in Review

It still appears we’re in the midst of winter here. We still have below zero weather most nights and some days, rain falls but so does snow. We had rain, freezing rain,hail and snow within an hour last Thursday! It snowed Tuesday night this week. I awoke to fresh blanket of snow covering the ground. But every rainfall melts some of our snow. I can see grass through the snow here and there. I can’t wait for the crocuses to pop through.
March brought my family two birthdays. My youngest niece is now fifteen! My sister-in-law had her champagne birthday this past week.


I’ve finally started receiving my Employment Insurance Sick Leave payments. It’s so nice to have a regular income again.
My oncology follow-up appointment went great! My oncologist says to stop worrying about my lymph nodes and let him do the worrying! My cancer has not returned! I have another follow-up appointment booked in six months but don’t need another ultrasound for a year.
Then things fell apart with the unexpected death of my eldest niece’s boyfriend, the father of her two year old son on March 25. It made for an emotional, busy month end.
On the business side of things:
I’ve just barely started the Craft Your Marketing course by Tara Swiger. As I go through the course you will see changes on the website, and my activity on the social media accounts.
I’m backed up on my release of the February chapter and progress of the March chapter. I’m almost caught back up. I’ve started writing the April chapter and started working on the designs to keep them on track time-wise.
For the future:
April brings spring cleaning of mind, body, soul, home and business. Keep an eye on the blog, Facebook page, Instagram, Ravelry group, and Twitter for my progress as I declutter, reorganize, clean and breathe new life into old ideas.
And don’t forget – all my pattern designs and C’├ęst Ma Vie ebooks are available for purchase in the Market.

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