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It’s been a while since I posted a design update. There’s a few reasons for that; my own health issues, a death in the family, and family health emergencies. As a result, I’m lagging behind where I thought I’d be now.

The February chapter of the book is not yet published. I hope to finish that this weekend and upload it to the sales sites. Then I can show you the designs.

The March chapter is with the proofreaders. One of the designs is knit but the pattern not complete nor photography done. I decided I did not like the way the crochet design; a math error early on meant it did not turn out as envisioned. When even blocking didn’t correct that I ripped it out. It has been restarted with the correct math and a bigger hook. It is now looking as I planned.

While in denial of the crochet design fail, I started the April knit design. It was going great until I put it down to finish the corrected Cathlyn design.

Then my little great-nephew needed a spring toque so I started crocheting him one. That is almost done. A variation of it may go in the design pile for later. Basically I can’t focus, so I fallen onto a variant of are sign I’ve been crocheting for years as little brainpower is required. I’ve made a few¬†modifications in the last few days that sparked a design idea. I’m almost done the hat but my shoulder is bothering me so I stopped for the night.

I have no design pictures for you but here’s one from my bedroom window a few days ago. I was not impressed at the newly fallen snow!

April Snow
April Snow

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