Happy Sunday! It’s Time for Weekly Review & Sunday Planning!


Did you see my guest interview on the Kate the (Almost) Great blog? It went live this morning! If you followed the interview to my site, welcome!

This week didn’t show much in the way of results. I spent lots of time sleeping off a flare. But as you can see a few things did get accomplished.

19/4/15-25/4/15 Plan
19/4/15-25/4/15 Plan

A few of these were impulse decisions. I’ve been considering ways to blog more. A column on what I’m reading seemed obvious since I read almost daily and hope to increase my reading time. I joined the Cooperative Press Affiliate program as soon as it was announced a while ago but didn’t actively look for more until this week. I don’t want to clutter my web pages with advertisements to other businesses so affiliate links seem a good compromise on adding income to the business. I’ve been accepted for a few, turned down for one and a few are pending approval still.

Affiliate links cost nothing to the reader. I insert a link regarding for example one of CP’s books, like Market Yourself, that I’m reading or using. You click the link. If you then purchase an item I receive a small commission. If you don’t buy nothing happens. As soon as I figure out how to use them I’ll start inserting affiliate links in my future posts and on my pages. As time permits, I’ll go through and add them to past posts.

Here’s what’s planned for this week. For anyone new, I always over-schedule then choose the task based on my energy level and fogginess. I have yet to complete everything on my plan!

26/4/15-02/5/15 Task Plan
26/4/15-02/5/15 Task Plan

Let’s hope I do better this week!

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