September is here!

Can you believe it’s September already? We are finally getting summer weather and autumn is quickly approaching. The geese are flying south and I’ve seen some leaves changing colours!

I’ve had three corneal abrasions in two weeks. Now I’m having an allergic reaction to the meds for the abrasions. My eyelids are red, itchy and swollen.

All the eye issues have backed everything up. I’m behind on my packing and moving. I’m way behind on my reading. The content planning for the blog is behind. I’ve had to delay my first periscope. I’ve been spending a lot of time crocheting instead.

But there are some good things too…I received my first social assistance cheque! I had a haircut for the first time in months! I signed up for a second year of the Starship! I’m watching lots of periscopes and learning a lot.

I just signed up for a 30 day branding challenge by Maya Elious. I’ll need to do Day 1 and 2 tomorrow or stay one day behind as I just received the first email and it’s 22:33. I need to go to bed soon but that’s what I get for not reading my emails until bedtime.

I’m hoping to start posting more often this month. Ideally, I want to post daily like I did last November. I’m working on organizing an editorial (content) plan. That’s another thing the eye problems have delayed but I have been thinking about it a lot.

See you tomorrow!

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