When No Means We’ll See

I have had difficult time deciding what to write today. Yesterday I received the final answer to my applications for disability status. In 2015, I applied for disability through four agencies. My pension holder granted me partial disability which allows my pension to accrue interest. My workplace’s insurance denied my application. A few weeks ago the federal disability program denied me and yesterday I received the fourth answer, another refusal. I can and plan to appeal the last two refusals. A lot has changed since those applications were sent in the spring and fall of 2015.

In the meantime, I am in constant pain; can’t lean over or reach for something without losing my balance; have daily dizzy spells; need 10-12 hours sleep per day-preferably not at once or I’ll seize up; can only work at best three hours a day, including cooking and housework due to constant fatigue. But I am not disabled, by the Canadian and Ontario government standards.

So what am I?

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