WIP Wednesday 13/04/2016

I’ve been working on a few different projects in the last few weeks. I’ve worked on my own designs and on an Ann Budd sock pattern.
Here’s my knit blanket sample. It’s grown a lot but didn’t get finished in time for my nephew’s birthday?. It’s about ten cm longer though.


Here’s part of my crochet king size blanket. Assembly has begun! It’s a slow process though since there are so many motifs.

I also worked on my Snips and Snails socks. The first sock is finished except for weaving in ends and I’m heading down the leg of the other!

It’s not much for a few weeks but it’s all my shoulder, arms and brain have allowed me to do lately.

2 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday 13/04/2016

    1. Thank you! It feels slow, I think because of the two blankets. I love the sock colours! Katie at Yarn Love makes beautiful colours of yarn!

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