The Bridgwater Crafts Shop Is Now Open!

The Bridgwater Crafts Shop is now open!!! It’s on Shopify but there’s a link button in the sidebar.

Yesterday was a busy day. But it was worth it in the end. We’re babysitting my five year old nephew for the weekend. We went shopping. We did laundry and housekeeping. We sorted through some things; we’re purging and decluttering in anticipation of my sister and said nephew moving in at the end of the month.

I sorted through my teas and reorganized them. I was able to downsize and eliminate one box. Today I’m working my way slowly through my open loose leaf teas to see if any have gone stale. This may be a week long process. And will probably result in tossing of stale teas and passing on of some that I’m not crazy about. Thankfully my niece, Mackenzie loves teas almost as much as I do and will probably take any I no longer want.

I tested pens to see if they still worked. I sorted a bag of crayons, coloured pencils and regular pencils. Any itty bitty crayon was purged. The biggest coloured pencils were stored in an empty tea canister. The littler ones went into a smaller bag for the boys to use first.

We got rid of about five old games kept from childhood. I didn’t know Mum had held on to them! I’m getting rid of some I did know were kept and are currently living on a shelf in my closet today. We’re keeping ones like Scrabble™ and Monopoly™ but getting rid of ones that are missing pieces or are based on long ago television shows.

I crocheted and knitted for the shop. Today it officially opens! Anything I’m working on now will be added later. I really hope it goes well! I’m afraid no one will buy anything. But that’s just my anxiety talking, I hope! I know the shop still needs minor tweaking and I need to improve my product photography. But my products are well made and priced.

Today I need to sort through more yarn, deciding if I want to keep it for my or Mum’s use or add it to a bin of “shop yarn”. It’s not bad yarn just yarn I’m no longer in love with or think will make somethings that will sell well. My sister is moving into the room that currently holds my yarn shelving so it all needs to be sorted and moved.

I also need to plant some crocus and tulip bulbs. They’ve started sprouting on the kitchen counter! They need to get in the ground ASAP. And it’s something JJ can help me with. When Mackenzie was his age we went onto the grass at my old house and tossed some crocus bulbs then planted them where they landed. It was so cheerful seeing them pop up and flower in the spring. I want to do the same thing here with him. The tulips will go into the front beds.

Tomorrow I’m going to start writing a bunch of review posts. I think I have six in the works. It’s much easier if I start the posts then add to them as I read/use the items than if I wait until the end. There’s always something I forget to write about if I wait.

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