Works In Progress Thursday 28/07/2016

This week’s WIP post is the first that will include more than just my fibre-work. I’m adding in other areas of my life.

I’m working on a few things this week.

My Amulet Shawl by Helen Stewart of Curious Handmade
Arielle on Newport Bridge (a design sample)
Bettina at the Beach (a design sample)
But I’ve also dug into my WIP basket to see what was really inside. I found four sets of partial socks, two for me, one for my eldest nephew and one for my great-nephew; a knit spa cloth sample; a crochet shawl sample;  two headband samples; a bag of yarn for a hat for my great-nephew to match a colour work sweater I knit him; a bag of squares for a sock blanket sample; and a bag of leftover Aran yarn, needles and hook from the Damia Hat and Cowl-did I plan to make matching mittens? And this doesn’t include three sample blankets and a shell stored elsewhere or my UFOs (unfinished objects) that are probably still packed from my move last year.

The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte
Spirituality Without Structure by Nimue Brown
The Bee Cottage Story by Frances Schultz

I also have book WIPs:

The Mindfulness Solution to Pain by Dr. Jackie Gardner-Nix
The Fire Starter Sessions by Danielle LaPorte
Manage Your Day-To-Day by 99U
Put Your Budget On A Diet by Kimberly Eddy
Plan It, Don’t Panic by Stephanie Langford
Pack Lightly Stylishly by Amanda Jimenez
The Art of Minimalist Organization by Ben Night
Seeking the Mystery by Christine Hoff Kraemer
The Scent of Magic by Andre Norton
Scarcity by Eldar Shafir and Sendhil Mullainathan
Hedgewitch Book of Days by Mandy Mitchell
The Woman’s Fibromyalgia Toolkit by Drs Atul Deodhar and Dawn Marcus
Knitter’s Almanac, Commemorative Edition by Elizabeth Zimmermann
One Magic Square by Lola Houbein
DIY Chick Lit by Alicia de los Reyes
The Charge of the Goddess by Doreen Valiente
Market Yourself by Tara Swiger
Enough Already by Alan Cohen

I have lots of book WIPs! I didn’t realize how many books I had partly read. I wasn’t so bad with these until I started getting idevices. Now I not only have my Kobo Glo but also the Kobo app, the Kindle app, PDF Expert app and iBooks app. It’s too easy to have books started on all my devices!

Have you noticed a theme?

Books and yarn are a major part of my life!

Crochet Testers Wanted 04/06/2016

Bridgwater Crafts
Kaylin Spa Cloth

I’m almost finished my crochet design, Kaylin Spa Cloth. I just need to add some photos and do some formatting. So, it’s time to start looking for testers. If you are interested in becoming one of my testers please notify me by leaving a comment here, emailing me or pm me on Ravelry.

Kaylin is one of six designs in my upcoming Hooks, Needles and Spoons ebook. The ebook consists of three crochet and three knit patterns that are simple basics; simple enough you can work on them with little brainpower required and finish with a usable product.

Here’s the info again-I know it’s pretty small in the photo!
Necessary Skills (American Crochet Terms)
Slip Knot
Single Crochet
Weaving In Of Ends

Worsted Weight Cotton (50 g)
6 mm/J/10 hook
Tapestry Needle

Tester Requirements
Crochet washcloth by June 20.
Testers are required to provide feedback on clarity of instructions, errors found and any suggestions.
Complete a project page on Ravelry.
Link project page to pattern page upon publication.

Tester Compensation
In appreciation of their time and work, testers will be gifted the published pattern in their Ravelry libraries and a coupon code for 20% off any existing and new patterns in my Ravelry store valid until December 31, 2016.

WIP Wednesday 13/04/2016

I’ve been working on a few different projects in the last few weeks. I’ve worked on my own designs and on an Ann Budd sock pattern.
Here’s my knit blanket sample. It’s grown a lot but didn’t get finished in time for my nephew’s birthday?. It’s about ten cm longer though.


Here’s part of my crochet king size blanket. Assembly has begun! It’s a slow process though since there are so many motifs.

I also worked on my Snips and Snails socks. The first sock is finished except for weaving in ends and I’m heading down the leg of the other!

It’s not much for a few weeks but it’s all my shoulder, arms and brain have allowed me to do lately.

WIP Wednesday

It’s Wednesday again – the days just seem to fly lately! I have three WIPs to show you this week. The big afghans are still waiting in the sidelines while I work on smaller things.

First is a new design for a headband. It just needs the ends woven in! And the pattern written and proper photos and testing and tech editing! 
Second is the familiar blanket design/birthday gift for my nephew. I swear it is growing but slowly. 
Third, is this pair of socks I pulled out of hibernation the other day. They’ve been packed away for quite a while. I’d forgotten how much I like to work with wool and tiny sharp needles. I missed them. And I want new me made socks for next winter. I started these socks on April 21, 2014; it’s time to finish them! They are my Snips and Snails Socks using Ann Budd’s 7 stitches per Inch Sock using Yarn Love Elinor Dashwood (a merino/nylon sportweight) in the Snips and Snails colourway using 3.25 mm (US 3) HiyaHiya Sharp dpns. 

FO Friday…umm… FO Monday?

It has been a busy few days. That’s why Friday’s post is going up today with a few adjustments. I have quite a few finished objects to show off today. All are fairly small projects, I didn’t work as actively on the afghans this past week.
I spent last weekend whipping up these headbands. I needed fingering weight FOs for the Smitten Yarns February Stashdown on Ravelry . January was worsted, February was fingering, and March is sport weight. I didn’t use a pattern; I made one up but I may publish it in the future.
I also worked on baby hats for a friend’s baby shower this weekend. Again there was no pattern, just the standard crochet hat I devised over the years. They chose not to know the sex of the baby so I tried to use colours both parents like and could be considered unisex. I am making one or two girly hats too. Just in case, I can bring those over to her after the baby is born.
But, my biggest FO of last week is the design I published on Saturday! This design began last year but I finally finished getting the pattern ready this past week. So please help me in welcoming Elspeth!
Elspeth Envelope holds your business or debit/credit cards for you safely even if they fall to the bottom of your bag, purse or tote bag. She can hold thirty business cards comfortably and even better, no more bent corners!

WIP Wednesday 17/02/2016

I have many Works In Progress (WIPs) but only a few are active so those are the ones I’ll talk about today. All three are design samples, two for the same design.

This is a Jayven Blanket in the double bed size. The finished product, once photographed, will be donated to a refugee family coming here soon. The squares are complete. I just need to join them and add the border.


This is a Jayven Blanket in a king bed size. I’m working on the last rounds on the squares.

And this is the JJ Afghan. It’s about a third complete. It depends if JJ, my nephew slows on the growth spurts. The finished sample will be his fifth birthday gift.


Returning to Sunday Previews

It’s been a long time since I wrote a post for this column. I stopped because I was having difficulties finding the right scheduling system and what I was using was not photographing well for the posts. I am fumbling around in a flare and accomplishing very little these days. I hope returning to this column will provide accountability. I hope it will help me to find incentive to do more business-wise. I have returned to using Gneo for my weekly schedule. I am not currently using a daily schedule. I stopped because it was too discouraging when I was completing so little. I’ve also discovered I work better when I choose my task in the moment. I don’t know Sunday afternoon how I will feel at 2 pm Thursday afternoon, how fatigued and fibro foggy I may be, but I do know at 2 pm on Thursday. This allows me to better pick a task I can accomplish.

Here is this week’s schedule:

This week's schedule

I just realized, I missed a few things in my plan. I should have checked my iCal! I also have our usual Starship chat on Wednesday afternoon and an Evernote webinar on Thursday night. I’ll add those to the plan but I’m not retaking the post photo!

Welcome Back, Spring!

Welcome back, Spring!

It’s hard to believe it’s the first day of spring already but today is the vernal equinox. We’re still in minus temperatures as often as positive although hitting positives is a good sign! Mira is shedding like crazy! So it must be Spring!

Today, I have some design peeks and some stash additions. I finished crocheting and knitting both March designs. I still need to finish the patterns but the basics are already there. I need to lay them out and measure them pre-blocking. I hope to block them both tomorrow.

A Peek at Arielle & Cathlyn
A Peek at Arielle & Cathlyn

I took the week off design samples and started replenishing my stock of available dishcloths. I offerred them to my old coworkers. I heard back quickly from two ladies wanting six each. I plan to bring extras with me when I go in on Monday in case some of the other ladies in the office see them and decide to buy some too. I have a few Anya and lots of Alys. Alys is quicker for me; I’ve made her so many times over the years.

Crocheting Alys While Gypsy Sleeps
Crocheting Alys While Gypsy Sleeps

I’m contemplating vending at the local Farmers’ Market this year. I’m fairly sure I can make the table cost and get a good return on investment. It’s going to depend if I start working again or am off still. If I’m working, I would need to take the day of the Market off. This isn’t a problem as I have lots of holidays but I would have a new boss who may not like my wanting a bunch of Fridays off over the next few months.

If I’m off there’s no reason not to at least try a few. It’s a four hour event with good attendance. I would be selling printed copies of my designs, postcards with coupon codes for my ebooks and dishcloths and other small designed items to start and probably add the Damia set as it gets closer to autumn. I know there is a much larger crochet and knitting population here than shows up in Ravelry so I hope to bring new customers to my designs.

My only fear is that creating stock would take away from designing and writing. For that reason, I may only do a few of the Markets as a trial. If it works well I may plan to do them all next year and work on stock as time allows year round.

When I checked the mail today I had two packages of yarn waiting patiently for me to arrive. One is from Audrey of Smitten Yarns, the February club yarn is Cavan Worsted by Three Irish Girls dyed in the Bahamas Mama colourway, a citrusy blend of grapefruit, lemons, limes and oranges. I’ve never worked with this base but I’m looking forward to designing with this yarn! The other package was from Katie of Yarn Love Yarn, my February shipment of her Little Lovelies club. I ordered my usual Elinor Dashwood base, I LOVE this base! The colourway is Moonlight Indigo, a mix of blues, greens, indigo and purple. The mini is Moonlight Purple on the Juliet base.

New Yarn!
New Yarn!

I have plans for all my Juliet minis but that’s for C’est Ma Vie! 2016! I won’t have time for that design to make it into the 2015 book. But, it will be worth the wait!

C’est Ma Vie! 2015 is for Sale!!!

It’s been three months from the idea to fruition.

The fall last weekend backed me up a week. It is exactly seven days after the planned release, and it’s taken most of the day but it’s happened. The files and the covers have been uploaded. Descriptions and thank you emails typed. All that remains is waiting for purchasers; and the next chapter, of course.

Chapter Two: February is almost complete. The designs are almost ready for editing. Can you believe it’s almost March?!

For those of you on Ravelry, a just the patterns version will be available there tomorrow. If you buy the C’est Ma Vie! With Patterns version, contact me via the same email as your PayPal account with your Ravelry username. I’ll send you a coupon code for the Ravelry version so you can have the patterns in your library.

The books are available here or via Payhip. The regular version is $15.00 CAD. The version with patterns is $25.00 CAD. It looks like a huge difference in price but there are thirteen knit and eleven crochet patterns included in the pattern version. That’s a pretty good deal-less than a dollar a pattern whether you do both crafts or not.