Rest In Peace Michael

Michael Jonathon Gregory Bridgwater

August 23, 1993-February 22, 2017

You were taken from us so young and suddenly. We’re struggling to find a new normal without you. From the moment of your birth I loved you. With your big brown eyes and copper penny curls you quickly had us all wrapped around your little finger.

We may never know the why or how but we will never forget or stop loving you. You’ve left your great-grandparents, grandmothers, parents, four sisters, two brothers, nephew, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends too early.

I promise to do everything I can to keep your memory alive for your little brother and your nephew. At five and four I don’t want them to grow up not knowing you.

I love you. I miss you and will never forget you.

Auntie Kim

A Tisket, A Tasket, I Have A Basket

Yes, I know that’s not how the nursery rhyme goes but it seemed to fit as I’ve been filling baskets lately. I’ve been absent from the blog the last few months and the baskets are part of the reasons. I’ll go backwards as that gives the most news first.

I’m opening up a shop for crochet and knit items! Crocheting and knitting are two of my main ways of filling my time. That’s why I started designing. But you only need so many things and I have a lot of yarn and time to crochet and knit. I could also use another income stream in the business. Working outside the home is next to impossible due to my chronic illnesses but this is something I can do almost entirely from home. Other than going to the post office to send out packages to customers I can do it all from home. So come October 31, baring technical difficulties, my shop will be open.

I’ve been busily making products for the last month or so and will continue to do so. I have people in the Starship-the business group I belong  to-who will be critiquing the shop this week. I’ve already started working on the behind the scenes part of the shop. I need to verify shipping costs, finish pricing my finished products and upload the products to the shop. At that point the critique can begin. I’ll make any necessary changes based on their critiques and the shop will be opening to the public on October 31. Yes, next Monday! The shop products so far include washcloths and hats. I’m working on some cowls or snoods as they are sometimes called. That will likely be my open products but I plan on frequently adding new products like scarves, shawls, shawlettes, mittens, hairbands, baby blankets in the near future. I haven’t decided yet if I’ll add things to the shop as I complete them or have a set weekly or biweekly update to add new products.

That’s part of the basket theme as I’ve been sorting through my yarn for shop items. I have baskets for washcloths yarn and hat yarn, a big one of yarn for all kinds of things and baskets of things I’m in the middle of working on. Here’s my washcloths basket:

This one is beside my chair in the living room. I read on my iPad or watch tv while making them. I also have a pile of products to weave in the ends nearby and a few finished products bins.

Another piece of news is my sister and five year old nephew are moving in with Mum and I. So I need to move my yarn out of the spare/yarn room as that will become my sister’s room next month. That’s where a lot of the baskets of shop yarn came from. As I sort through the yarn to move it some are going into a shop pile/baskets/boxes.

I’ve also started my usual seasonal fibromyalgia flare. I flare up whenever the seasons change. It usually lasts a few weeks to months depending on the transition period. And that depends on Mother Nature and the weather.

My flare started a little early due to a road trip to visit family in August. We had a great visit and I don’t regret it at all but the change from our weather to their weather and the two days road trip each way precipitated an earlier flare. It didn’t help that I received some bad news the day before we left.

And my diabetes program social worker believes I have depression and anxiety. I see my family doctor tomorrow. The social worker thinks things I’ve just assumed are part of my chronic illnesses are actually symptoms of anxiety and depression. So I’ve been adjusting to that and doing my best to stay positive.

All that lead to an absence of blog posts and major decrease in social media posts. I’m almost back on track and hope to increase all of those. Watch for updates on the shop!

In Memorium

Last night my family lost my uncle. While he had been ill for a while his death was sudden. Goodbye, Uncle Larry. You will be greatly missed.

Au revoir, m’oncle! Je t’aime.

WIP Wednesday 17/02/2016

I have many Works In Progress (WIPs) but only a few are active so those are the ones I’ll talk about today. All three are design samples, two for the same design.

This is a Jayven Blanket in the double bed size. The finished product, once photographed, will be donated to a refugee family coming here soon. The squares are complete. I just need to join them and add the border.


This is a Jayven Blanket in a king bed size. I’m working on the last rounds on the squares.

And this is the JJ Afghan. It’s about a third complete. It depends if JJ, my nephew slows on the growth spurts. The finished sample will be his fifth birthday gift.


Happy Family Day 2016!


I counted last night; I took ten medications and vitamins. I skipped a few that I’m out of-calcium, and vitamin C; I didn’t take all my PRN medications and rarely take my melatonin. This morning I took 9. I should qualify, I take one medication at different dosages in the a.m. and p.m.; another twice daily; and I also take three medications four times a day. I long for those childhood days when taking medication was a rarity instead of a daily ritual.

Oh, and I forgot to mention two other designs. And another illness, benign tremors which is a complicated way of saying my hands shake constantly.

This weekend I started a crochet project I’ve been putting off for a while but I wanted to make something quick since my other projects are all blankets. I’m making covers for a set of three stools I own. It’s an improvised pattern that I probably won’t publish. It’s just something I need and can make while still watching my four year old nephew.

Mum and I have been babysitting JJ while my sister spent Valentine’s Day with her boyfriend. It’s amazing how quickly you forget just how busy and noisy a four year old can be and how quickly they remind you on sleepovers!

I’ve set up a schedule of blog posts that I’m hoping I can keep up and will be interesting for you as well. We will see over the next few weeks how it works.

March in Review

It still appears we’re in the midst of winter here. We still have below zero weather most nights and some days, rain falls but so does snow. We had rain, freezing rain,hail and snow within an hour last Thursday! It snowed Tuesday night this week. I awoke to fresh blanket of snow covering the ground. But every rainfall melts some of our snow. I can see grass through the snow here and there. I can’t wait for the crocuses to pop through.
March brought my family two birthdays. My youngest niece is now fifteen! My sister-in-law had her champagne birthday this past week.


I’ve finally started receiving my Employment Insurance Sick Leave payments. It’s so nice to have a regular income again.
My oncology follow-up appointment went great! My oncologist says to stop worrying about my lymph nodes and let him do the worrying! My cancer has not returned! I have another follow-up appointment booked in six months but don’t need another ultrasound for a year.
Then things fell apart with the unexpected death of my eldest niece’s boyfriend, the father of her two year old son on March 25. It made for an emotional, busy month end.
On the business side of things:
I’ve just barely started the Craft Your Marketing course by Tara Swiger. As I go through the course you will see changes on the website, and my activity on the social media accounts.
I’m backed up on my release of the February chapter and progress of the March chapter. I’m almost caught back up. I’ve started writing the April chapter and started working on the designs to keep them on track time-wise.
For the future:
April brings spring cleaning of mind, body, soul, home and business. Keep an eye on the blog, Facebook page, Instagram, Ravelry group, and Twitter for my progress as I declutter, reorganize, clean and breathe new life into old ideas.
And don’t forget – all my pattern designs and C’├ęst Ma Vie ebooks are available for purchase in the Market.