Weekly Review

It’s been a bad fibro week. I think I’ve spent more time in bed than out most of the week. The medications we were adjusting left me fatigued, dizzy and off balance. It was like I had no equilibrium. I was bumping and falling into things. I made my last adjustment to the med I’m pretty sure is the cause today. Lowering the dose to a tolerable level hopefully. The dizziness and equilibrium issues seem better but the pain is worse today. It’s so hard with a syndrome like fibromyalgia; it’s hard to tell what’s the fibro and what’s the meds.

I think I got about half my to-do list complete:

This is blogpost # 7! Even when I had a prescheduled post, I knocked out another and scheduled it for later. I have posts scheduled through December! Not every day of the week but one at least. Today I made editorial calendars through March 2015. I’ve decided to keep some of the features I’ve been running this month so those are labeled on the new calendars and the template. I’ve made posters for the themes I’m keeping.

Drusilla is just waiting on new photographs and a reply from the tech editor that she’s still available. I updated my style sheet too.

I worked a little bit on Sample 1 of Bettina writing the pattern as I knit.

I’m almost done Creating an Effective Blog lesson 2 part 2. I’m stuck on the last question!

I worked a little on Christmas crafting.

I’m starting Holiday Sanity tonight after this posts.

I’m buying that scale battery tomorrow.

Not bad for someone as I’ll as I’ve been when I type it all out! But next week’s list won’t be quite so ambitious. It may have two parts: if I’m still off sick and if I return to work. I see my doctor on Tuesday. Right now, the way I feel, I don’t think she’ll allow me back to work. Thankfully I’ve got a good paying job with full sick pay for 75 days. I think I’m halfway through those days.

Drusilla – With Photos!!!

A friend mentioned this morning that she would have liked to see a photo or even a sketch of Drusilla in last night’s post. Thank you B. For the catch!

In my rush/excitement to request testers and get the call out here, on Ravelry, Instagram and Twitter I forgot the photos! I uploaded them to the WordPress server but forgot to add them to the post.

So, here they are:

Drusilla samples 1 & 2
Drusilla samples 1 & 2


Drusilla Sample 2
Drusilla Sample 2

As you can see the texture really pops when knit with a semi-solid yarn!

I have made a note in my Testing Patterns System to “PUT PHOTO OF FO!”. I’m slowly making process lists of steps involved in various aspects of the business.