A New Weekly Column: I’m Reading

Today is the debut of a new weekly column. I will be sharing quotes from a book I’m reading and a bit about it.

As a writer, reader and bibliophile this bit of a conversation calls out to my soul. I do believe written words are powerful. Literacy is extremely important for a functioning society. It’s why my nieces and nephews often, okay almost always, have a book included in their gifts from the time they are babies.

Blood Magick* is the third book in The Cousins O’Dwyer trilogy. I haven’t had much time for personal reading lately and am not far into this book unfortunately. I liked the first two books in the trilogy and can’t wait to read the final battle. I used to read books within a few days but that was before my health started declining and before I started my business. Now, it takes me a few weeks.

Nora Roberts is, and has been for years, one of my favourite authors. Her books, including those published under her pseudonym J. D. Robb, are on my “must buy” list. I usually buy her books soon after their release as I know I will like, if not love them. I already have Obsession In Death* and The Liar* in my queue. Now that I’ve discovered how nice these little quote cards the Kobo iOS app makes my poor Kobo Glo won’t be getting as much love. It’s much easier to carry one extra device than two and frankly, the iPad Mini can do more.

I enjoy reading books where the good are battling the evil. It’s a balance of life. It is nice that good always wins in the end in these books too!

I seldom have just one book on the go. I think right now I’m actively reading three. I’m saving the other two for following Mondays!

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A Quote

“You can never find a cup of tea large enough

or a book long enough to suit me.”

C. S. Lewis

As an avid reader, a Chronicles of Narnia fan and a tea drinker this quote has stuck in my mind each time I saw it. I decided to share it with you.

I don’t know that quote sharing will become a regular feature of the blog but they will certainly be an occasional occurrence.