Drusilla and This Week’s Plans

It looks like the title of a story, doesn’t it?

Drusilla Cloth is now live and available for sale in my Ravelry store! And I’ve already sold a copy in just these few short hours since she went live this afternoon! I’m still not done with launch day marketing. If I don’t get it tonight I’ll get it tomorrow night in the hotel.

Drusilla preview
Drusilla preview

And now to this week’s plans…there aren’t any yet. I spend the whole day at Mum’s with my three year old nephew. I’ve mentioned him before-he’s the one that loves my iPad mini. I basically polished Drusilla, used Mum’s computer to upload the pattern then supervised him playing games. He had eleven games open when he finally got bored and said he was done. At that age, his attentions span is not much bigger than a gnat’s. He flips back and forth between the games. I don’t mind though-most of the games I put on for him are educational. He’s getting pretty good at Bejewelled! He’s figured out the shapes and colours have to match for the puzzle style games.

Then my sister returned from work after picking up her grandson on the way back from work. She’s the driver for my trip tomorrow. She had to go in on day off to get payroll ready as payday is the day she gets back to work. It was so cute seeing the boys so excited to be together again. My neice and the baby (23 months old!) moved into an apartment last month until then they were at my sister’s. So the boys have an almost brotherly relationship. They miss eachother. But we’ve been having more family dinners now that R & baby J live just down the road from my mother.

Then it was time for supper and clean up. Then my sister and I brought the baby back and she dropped me off at home since I live a block from where she works. She wasn’t quite finished payroll.

After feeding the starving animals-if supper is more than 1/2 hour late the cats act like it’s been days! I started packing. It’s suprising how much you need to pack for an overnight trip with a 4.5-5 hour drive each way. And at this time of year you always need an extra day’s clothes in case the roads are closed or you get weathered to in. I’m bringing lots of knitting. I can’t underpack knitting. I’d be too anxious of running out. Instead I have enough for three or four knitters!

I’m bringing Elspeth to finish sample 1-I didn’t knit at all today! I’m bringing the yarn for sample 2. I spent hours hand-winding it into a ball as the partial cake fell apart. Since I didn’t get Damia sample 2 started, I’m bringing a partial Anya on a pounder of Bernat’s Handicrafter Cotton. I’m bringing Bettina too so I can work on her samples and pattern.

This Anya is for my brother for Christmas-it’s a brown ombré. I’ll keep going down the line once this one is done. Alys is done, Anya is on the go, then Ayla and Drusilla. Then Bettina once she’s released.

I’m doing all the patterns in doubles in each colour as I go. I decided two weeks ago to add a second income stream this December after the second coworker asked if I’d be selling dishcloths. I’ve done it in the past but not for years. But they’re easy sellers and what doesn’t sell can go as I’ll buy myself for gifts or my own kitchen. I WILL NOT BE OPENING A STOREFRONT FOR FINISHED PRODUCTS. But since I’m off sick and it’s one of the few things I can do I decided to go ahead. So what I’m doing is pretty much the one for me and one for you game. Each family member is getting a different colour. So I do their Alys; then I do another for the sale. Then I switch to another colour for the next relative. This way every one will get the same amount.

I’ll sell them as sets and if I have time some singles too. I should have at least five sets plus some singles. The department Christmas party is around the 18th. I’ll text a few coworkers next week to let them know the cloths will be available at the party if they’re interested and request they mention it to the rest of the department. I expect I will probably sell out. I know one coworker still uses the dozen I gave her for a wedding gift six years ago. She’s hinted at needing new ones soon. And two asked outright. My only worry is it will be to late for mail-out gifts. I plan to tie ribbon around the bundles with a business card attached. And tie business cards to the singles as well.

Its now after ten thirty and I still need to work on this week’s schedule. There may not be a post tomorrow depending on how the travelling, tests and shopping go. Today is the last day of NaBloPoMo. Thirty days ago I wasn’t sure I could do it. Now I think I might miss the daily posting…

And don’t forget to do the poll, please!

Off for Editing!

This evening I sent my first design to a tech editor. I’m nervous and afraid. What if she thinks my pattern writing is atrocious? What if she thinks it’s a horrible design? Did I make obvious beginner mistakes?

I know it’s silly. My testers liked the design and found the pattern writing good. They had suggestions but that’s all. It wasn’t horrid.

I felt this way when I emailed it to the test knitters too. Will I feel like this every time I send a design out?

I knit some more on Design 5. I need to get sample 1 done by Sunday to give to my niece for her birthday. She will be eighteen on Monday. It doesn’t seem that long ago I met her just a few hours old. Now she’s a mum and almost eighteen! The years flew by…

Two Steps Back & One Step Forward


I ran into a problem with design 5. When I tried last night to finish sample 1 I discovered my plan didn’t work. My original plan would have but I changed my mind partway through writing the pattern. So I slept on it.

I’m going back to my original idea for Design 5. Tonight I ripped out sample 2. And started anew. Sample 2 is now Design 6 and Design 5 is on hiatus until my niece’s birthday gift is knit. These will be sister designs-two approaches toward the same product.

I’m trying out a new cast on which will allow a three-needle bind off and eliminate seaming. This should create the design I was aiming towards at the end of my pattern. So tonight I did my first provisional cast on. Then I started knitting again. Tomorrow I’ll start writing this new pattern and revise the old.


I thought I was almost done this design. I was looking forward to opening testing next week. Instead I have two partial designs and at least another week of prep work before they are both ready for testing.

In the meantime my Ayla samples are washed and blocking. Cotton takes so long drying in humidity! Once they are dry I can do final photos and send Ayla off for tech editing.

It’s Been A Week!

It’s been a week. I underestimated how literally painful returning to work would be. I think I’m starting a fibro flare. I hope not!

I’ve been researching designing. Reading books, blogs, and forums. I’ve been working on patterns and knitting samples. I finished reading Shannon Okey’s The KNITGRRL Guide to Professional Knitwear Design and started reading Emma Robertson’s Knitting by Design. I finished knitting my second Ayla sample today and took photographs.

I’m a little bit further along on my next design. Here’s a peek:
Arielle Shawl peek

Hi Ho Hi Ho

Hi Ho Hi Ho, it’s back to work…I went!

After four weeks of vacation it was very difficult to get up at 6:30 and be at work (and functioning!) for 8:00 this morning!

And I only forgot one password! I had to call IT to reset my password for one system. If it didn’t lock out attempts usually after five tries I would have kept trying for a few more minutes. But it’s like I told AnaMaria, “I thought it was better to give up and call before I got locked out!”

Working all those hours did cut dramatically into my knitting time. Someone needs to pay the mortgage and buy yarn though! Only one project received knitting time tonight – design 4. And that was only a few rows. Data entry all day left me with a sore shoulder and aggravated my Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Here’s a photo of the yarn:

Now and Zen

No sneak peeks of the project yet. Soon though, there really isn’t much to see yet other than this gorgeous yarn yet.

The Test Knit for Ayla Washcloth is now FULL! Two coworkers agreed to knit it and I had another offer on Ravelry. Hopefully I’ll be doing revisions this weekend before sending the pattern to the tech editor.

OPEN TEST Ayla Washcloth

I am looking for four knitters willing to test knit a washcloth for my upcoming pattern. This pattern is beginner friendly. Only knit and purl stitches are used and the pattern is fully written, no charts are used.

The test will be held in my Ravelry group. http://www.ravelry.com/groups/bridgwater-crafts If interested but not on Ravelry contact me here. We’ll work something out. Like getting you on Ravelry!!!

1 skein Bernat Handicrafter Cotton or equivalent worsted weight cotton
4.00 mm needles (straights or circulars-your preference)
Stitch markers
Tapestry needle

August 1
Approximately 5 hours knitting time needed

One size only although the pattern could easily be adjusted to decrease/increase the finished size.

Testers will be gifted the finished pattern and receive a 20% off coupon code for existing or future patterns published in 2014-15. You will be acknowledged on the pattern page and within the pattern itself (Ravelry names only unless express permission received) anonymity is allowed.