November 9-15 Weekly Plan

Sunday is my weekly plan creation day. I’m not putting firm “do by this day” deadlines right now because a lot depends on how I’m feeling. That can change daily. Although I am improving, finally!

Here is my weekly plan:

  • Write seven blog posts
  • Finish revising Drusilla and send her to the tech editor (I may need to reknit to ensure pattern works post revision)
  • Finish sample 1 and write the pattern for Bettina
  • Knit sample 2 of Bettina and edit pattern
  • Photograph Bettina samples
  • Complete Lesson 2 of Creating an Effective Blog
  • Continue Christmas crafting
  • Knit sample 2 of Belle and edit pattern
  • Buy a new battery for my yarn/kitchen scale
  • Start Holiday Sanity on the Stsrship (I’m behind)