Planning & Designs in Process

I missed Friday’s post due to extreme fatigue. I slept most of Friday and Saturday. So today you’re getting a combination post.

I’m still working away on the Damia Cowl sample two. It’s about 3/4 finished now. Here’s a picture from a few days ago:

Damia Cowl sample two
Damia Cowl sample two

Other than adding a few rows, very few, to Arielle sample one the only project I’ve worked on is my great-nephew’s birthday hat which I crocheted then added knitted ribbing. I tried to get photos but he wouldn’t put it on until his grandmother came to pick him up for a visit with his dad. Then he got mad when she went to transfer the car seat from Mum’s car to her’s. Those photos are on my phone and haven’t synced to my iPad yet. Here’s what it looks like:

Jayden's birthday hat
Jayven’s birthday hat

Now to the planning:

The aforementioned wall of fatigue played havoc with my schedule. I’m a little concerned over how tired I am. I return to work tomorrow but I’m fighting to stay awake all day. Hopefully the change of scenery and noisier atmosphere will keep me awake!

Here’s last week’s plan:

Last Week
Last Week

I managed to get a few things done! And here’s this week’s:

This week
This week

Yes, there is less on it but some are bigger tasks and I’ll be back at work. I don’t know how much I’ll get done after working all day. At least for the first few days.

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I Can’t Believe It’s August! Already!

August is a big birthday month for my family. My sister and her eldest daughter share the 11th. I’m the next week and my eldest nephew is a week after me. Which means lots of family dinners and cake this month. And birthday gifts to figure out…

I think my sister is getting some of the dishcloths I made as samples while testing the Alys and Anya patterns. It’s been a while since I made her some. She loves handmade dishcloths almost as much as I do. But she doesn’t knit or crochet.

My niece is going to get a sample from the design I’m working on now. I’ve already started sample 2 in a yarn she had chosen for socks. It won’t take much and I’ll still have plenty for a Christmas gift of socks. It will work out to a small gift though so I may need to find something else too.

I have no ideas for my nephew yet. I’ll figure something out later.

I love gifting handmade items. It’s extra special now as they’re my own designs too. I hope most of my birthday and Christmas gifts this year will be made from my designs.